Something Every Local Business Should Be Doing

There may be a lot of digital marketing strategies, but video marketing can be said to be the Lord Of The Content Marketing Dimension. This is the basic truth that smart businesses never forget. Studies have shown that prospects and internet users are more interested in looking at content that is put in video form than those content that is displayed in words. This means that people would prefer to watch a video than to read words. A lot of persons first click on the video, on a website before they read the accompanying article. The same thing applies to social media.

video marketing tips

If you ask those who frequent your website if they fancy reading your articles or watching the videos of them. There is a great chance that a lot of them would pick the latter.

STay aware

Never Ignore Video Marketing While Carrying Out A Content Marketing Strategy

Be consistent

As a smart digital marketer, it is advisable that video marketing forms a large part of your marketing plan.

Monitor Results

In a study, over 53% of professional marketers said video marketing brought the largest ROI than any other type of digital marketing strategy.

What videos should you make for video marketing?

You are probably wondering what kind of video you should make to win over your prospects. Whatever you do, the video content shouldn’t be boring. No one wants to be bored. Immediately, a person clicks on a video, and it doesn’t seem interesting immediately, there is a great chance that the person would take his or her business elsewhere. What this means is that you have lost a client to your competitor. From the first second of the video, it should be mesmerizing to the extent that the prospect has to fall in love.

You can do videos like how-tos, customer testimonials and so on. The video has to be about your brand, never deviate from your brand.

The Growth In Mobile Usage Has Led To A Lot More Video Consumption

A study by APAC showed that a lot of persons use their mobile devices to access social media, and they spend their days on social media. If you are not currently on social media, dazzling your prospects and clients with creative videos, then your digital marketing strategy is really lagging behind. Ooyola and APAC have published statistics to support this.

If you have more questions on how video marketing can help your business, please contact us below.

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