What makes "The Magic City" so magical?

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The Magic City

What a wonderful way to describe our home. If you know the history, then you know technically Birmingham is known as “The Magic City” because it “boomed” so quickly due in large part to its iron industry. You might not know that Birmingham is unique in that it’s the only place in the world where coal, limestone, and iron ore (the three ingredients for steel) occur naturally in a ten-mile radius. This, however, isn’t a history lesson or technical details as to how Birmingham got its famed nickname.

Birmingham's Business Directory

No instead, as Near Birmingham (Birmingham’s online directory) begins our company’s blog we wanted to let our audience know why Birmingham is “The Magic City” to us. Let’s start with naming a few aspects that help make it magical to us.  Not only do we host a wonderful Veteran’s Day parade, but we actually host the oldest and largest one in the U.S.   B-ham is also the place where Vulcan and Electra watch over their neighbors.


 The birthplace of many people you might recognize including Paul Finebaum, Gucci Mane, Sara Evans, Condoleezza Rice, Dabo Swinney, and Charles Barkley. If sports are your thing, Birmingham has you covered from baseball (Barons)soccer (Legion)football (Iron), and even hockey (Bulls). Are you more into the music scene? Look no further Magic City Bands and Lobotmix are good places to start finding your favorite local performers. 

Our City

We are a city that loves to eat and eat well! We have both restaurants that have been staples of the community for decades and newer grub joints that all hit the sweet spot. Our city’s magic often shines in the talent inside of it which can be seen in abundance at events like Sidewalk FestThe Alabama Theatre, and The Birmingham Museum of Art. Maybe our magic shines in the great outdoor adventures you can have in the city, including but not limited to Railroad Park and Red Mountain Park, which happens to be 40 percent larger than New York City’s Central Park. 

Birmingham's Real Magic

We’ve tried to include many of the best parts of Birmingham in the post, but honestly, there are too many. We could spend all day talking about our outstanding medical facilities or historical dedications. I know for us at Near Birmingham, we could go on and on about all the great events, businesses, teams, locations, and food, but the more we investigate it the more we know exactly what makes Birmingham magical: The people. People that go the extra mile to help others.   People that are willing to get their hands dirty. And people that won’t let the things they love die without a fight.  So from us here at Near Birmingham to you the people that make this place, we love “The Magic City”, thank you! 

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